Review: Star Wars - X-Wing Series

Since I recently posted a review of the Michael Vey book series, I decided to write a short review of the Star Wars: X-Wing book series since I finished it first. This was the book series that I used to start listening to audiobooks when driving to and from work. I really like Star Wars and specifically Legends (because new cannon is weak, to say the least...) so I started out with the X-Wing series.

To be more precise, I used Wookiepedia's Timeline of Legends books page to look up where to start. I started with the New Republic era.

I quite enjoyed the series and learned about the campaigns to capture Coruscant, against Ysanne Isard and the capture of the Lusankya SSD, and the defeat of Warlord Zsinj, amongst other events. Having subscribed to EckhartsLadder YouTube channel and watched his videos on those events I had a rough idea of what happened, but I still liked going through the books. Sadly, the audiobooks were abridged, so I probably missed on quite a bit of detail. Maybe one day I'll actually read through the books and see, but that requires spare time...

As I was getting the list of the book titles for this post, I saw that there is a book that I haven't listened to yet. X-Wing: Mercy Kill, listed as a side novel to the Fate of the Jedi series, which I haven't gone through yet, so I'll wait until then.

Anyway, if you like Star Wars and Legends, then I highly recommend reading the books or listening to the audiobooks.

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