Welcome to my Blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Arex and I work as a software developer. I’ve wanted to make a blog for quite a while now to share things I’ve learned while doing my work and here we are, I’ve finally done it.

I primarily work with ASP.NET and Entity Framework. I’m making my way through ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core as well. I’m also the administrator and IT guy at my work, so I have a fair amount of experience with Windows, client and server, and Amazon Web Services. Oh! I forgot, I’m also the database administrator, so I have at least above average SQL skills. Rounding things off are the standard HTML, CSS, and JS.

I’ll also include other topics such as cooking, gardening, herbalism, health, I hope some gaming, and anything else that has my interest.

My mom and I are both vegan, mostly raw, for health reasons and we’ve learned quite a bit about health and nutrition that we want to share.

I hope to get some gaming in and I’m kind of going to use the blog to make that happen. I’ve sadly spent far too many years focusing on thing but work and have abandoned playing video games, amongst other things, except for the 10 hours or so I can put in throughout a year.

Pretty much everything I post will be accompanied with a YouTube video, so if it interests you, please like and please subscribe to the channel, of course once there’s content on it. I’ll be honest, I do intend to monetize the channel once it’s possible, so I’ll be putting in the work and effort to grow the channel with quality content. Hope to see you there!